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Thiago Andrade
Thiago Andrade is a freshman at Monroe Townships High School. He enjoys technology and aviation, and hopes to purse a career as a pilot someday. In his downtime, Thiago likes to watch seven episodes of "The Office" concurrently or sleep. He also loves to learn about topics that interest him. Thiago is nice and compassionate and loves to help people when they need it. He loves to laugh himself and make people laugh even more. Thiago is dedicated to his studies and getting good grades, and does well in his classes. Oftentimes, you’ll see him studying for a test the day of and freaking out over a presentation. Thiago took Journalism because he liked the idea of exploring and sharing world events. It has helped him talk to people he probably never would have, and gain a perspective of the school on some issues.

Thiago Andrade, Staff Writer

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