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Olena Malich
Olena is a freshman at Monroe Township High School. She took Journalism as a challenge and to improve her writing skills. Although she does not to plan to pursue a career as a journalist, she hopes that she can apply this extra writing practice in her other classes and in her future. Journalism taught Olena to not be afraid to branch out and talk to new people, and to always stay with the point, which are very important skills to apply beyond the classroom. She values the confidence that Journalism gave her, and she learned to be proud of all of her work. In school, her favorite class is band because playing her instrument with her friends and learning about music is a nice break from all of her other academic responsibilities. Outside of school, she likes to venture and try new things, and she absolutely cannot stand staying inside all day. Her favorite things to do outside of school are playing with her dog and hanging out with her friends. If Olena had to be described in only three words, they would be weird, funny, and empathetic because she always makes her friends laugh with her weirdness, but she also tries to help others when they are feeling down. Beyond high school, she hopes to become successful and support her family like how they supported her. Although she has not totally figured out her plans for the future, she hopes to be able to apply psychology in the field of law.

Olena Malich, Staff Writer

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