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Kevin Hoppe
Kevin Hoppe is a freshman at Monroe Township High School. He likes sleeping, watching "The Office" over and over again, doing frisbee trick shots, being the GOAT at "MarioKart," making "Game of Thrones" references, ranting about Golden State Warrior bandwagoners, and watching dank meme compilations on YouTube. He took Journalism because he likes writing about neat things like frisbee, OKC Thunder, and Marvel, and it gives him a false hope that people care about his opinion. Most of the time, you can find him plugging his Instagram (@justshootittrickshots), talking about studying for biology, but waiting until the last minute to do so, and listening to Trap Nation. After high school, he wants to be an engineer or forensic scientist, but preferably a living meme.

“People ask me, would you rather be feared or loved. Um easy, I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” - Michael Scott

Kevin Hoppe, Staff Writer

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