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2017-2018 Staff

Kruti Rawal

Staff Writer

Kruti Rawal is a sophomore at MTHS. She took Journalism because she thought it would help her in the future, in whatever profession she decided to pursue. Kruti spends her time outside school reading, painting, drawing, and binge...

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Derek Carlin

Staff Writer

Derek Carlin is an MTHS sophomore who loves sports. He took Journalism to prepare himself for a potential future in journalism. He hopes to grow up to become a famous journalist, preferably in the sports field. His father was...

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Dani Goldstein

Staff Writer

Dani Mara Goldstein is a freshman at MTHS who enjoys singing "Beauty and the Beast," even though she cannot sing. Talking is her FAVORITE thing to do, especially to new friends. Cheerleading for the MTHS Varsity Competition and...

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Mahathi Gundlapalli

Staff Writer

Mahathi Gundlapalli is a freshmen staff writer. Journalism interested her because she’s always been intrigued by what happens behind the scenes at newspapers. She has shown an interest in journalism from a very young age. In...

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Joanna Giustino

Staff Writer

Joanna Giustino is a freshman at MTHS. She took Journalism because she enjoys writing and has a dream of becoming a journalist when she grows up. Her hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, and traveling. Her extracurricular...

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Kaylie Petralia

Staff Writer

Kaylie is a freshman at MTHS. She joined Journalism to expand her knowledge with different styles of writing and express her ideas through articles. Kaylie has been dancing since she was two and is on the MTHS dance team. In her...

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Andrew Vazquez

Staff Writer

Andrew Vazquez is a freshman at Monroe Township High School. He loves soccer and video games. He took Journalism in hope to one day become a sports broadcaster or sports journalist. He doesn’t like writing unless it is about...

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Areeba Zafar

Staff Writer

Areeba Zafar is a Lin-Manuel Miranda enthusiast who spends a majority of her time traveling the world and taking photos of things that make her smile. Areeba is a fanatic of the arts, activism, Broadway, and fictional characters....

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Tiffany Lau

Staff Writer

Tiffany Lau is a sophomore at Monroe Township High School. She enjoys riding her bike, taking pictures of sceneries, listening to music, and shopping. She loves watching Kpop videos, especially BTS and EXO. She took Journalism...

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Kevin Hoppe

Staff Writer

Kevin Hoppe is a freshman at Monroe Township High School. He likes sleeping, watching "The Office" over and over again, doing frisbee trick shots, being the GOAT at "MarioKart," making "Game of Thrones" references, ranting about...

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Thiago Andrade

Staff Writer

Thiago Andrade is a freshman at Monroe Townships High School. He enjoys technology and aviation, and hopes to purse a career as a pilot someday. In his downtime, Thiago likes to watch seven episodes of "The Office" concurrently...

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Vishwa Bhatt

Staff Writer

Vishwa Bhatt is freshman in Journalism I at Monroe Township High School. She enjoys reading and writing articles for the class and in her free time. Vishwa also enjoys reading books, short stories, and poems, as well as listening...

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Lily Grmek

Staff Writer

This is Lily’s first year at MTHS, and she took Journalism to explore new writing styles. Language Arts has always been a favorite subject of hers, and she is really enjoying expanding her knowledge and writing skills. Some...

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Sarjani Shah

Staff Writer

Sarjani Shah is a freshman staff writer in Journalism. She chose Journalism as a class because she wanted to improve her writing skills, and she also likes to write. Journalism interests her, and she hopes to become a better writer....

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Abigail Micheals

Staff Writer

Abigail "Abby" Micheals is a freshman at MTHS. She expressed interest in writing at an early age and always enjoys learning about different writing styles. When she’s not writing, she runs track, plays lacrosse, piano and video...

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Dylan O'Shea

Staff Writer

Dylan O’Shea is a sophomore Journalism student that has very high aspirations when it comes to the subject. O’Shea wants to go to college for sports broadcasting. He also enjoys playing basketball. Basketball is the love of...

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Mia Baldassano

Staff Writer

Mia Baldassano is a freshman Journalism student who took the class to become a better writer, and increase her involvement in the community. She plans to take the social skills she gains from Journalism I and use them outside...

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Krishna Nair

Staff Writer

Krishna Nair is a freshman at Monroe Township High School. She joined Journalism because she was interested in the process of making a newspaper. She also joined because of her love of reading and writing, both of which she loves...

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Sarah George

Staff Writer

Sarah has had a passion for writing since the third grade, so it was an obvious choice for her to go into Journalism during her freshman year. She is able to channel all the ecstatic energy she possesses into writing her articles....

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Zahra Rizvi

Staff Writer

Zahra Rizvi is a freshman Journalism student. She loves Journalism; it's one of her favorite classes! Zahra hopes one day she can pursue Journalism as a career and become known for her expert articles. She chose Journalism as...

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