The Falconer's Voice


What is the “Falconer’s Voice”?

The name of this website comes from a line in William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Juliet wishes for a falconer’s voice, so she can call Romeo back to her. The name was chosen for Monroe Township’s newspaper since Journalism is under the domain of the English department, and the mascot for the district is the falcon. A perfect fit!

Who writes for the newspaper?

The students in Journalism II are the main contributors for the newspaper, but students in Journalism I also help later on in the year.

What are the classes about and how can I take them?

Journalism I focuses on the nuances of journalistic writing. Students learn how to write different types of articles (straight news, opinion-editorial, entertainment, features, etc.), as well as basic photography and videography. They learn about the laws, ethics, moral standards, and freedoms granted to student publications by the Supreme Court. For the first half of the year, student learn how to write, and the second half is mainly spent writing for the newspaper. Students develop their writing skills and, if they write exceptionally well, they can become published authors! Anyone in grades 9-11 may take Journalism I.

Journalism II is for students who wish to pursue journalism more seriously. Students mostly write for the newspaper, but also learn about Photoshop, blogging, podcasts, journalism and social media, and other advanced material not covered in Journalism I. Students in grades 10-12 may take Journalism II, but must have completed Journalism I at some point during their high school career.

Can I write for the newspaper even though I’m not in Journalism?

Of course! We usually hold a newspaper meeting after school in C149. Check the announcements for dates, or see the adviser in person. Students who join the newspaper club can write or do other jobs, such as photography or videography.

How often is the site updated?

We try to update every Monday, but it’s not always possible. Check back every week for new stories and other updates. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to receive automatic updates to your e-mail. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates.

Can I suggest topics or stories?

We always welcome suggestions for events or stories to cover. Please e-mail the adviser with suggestions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I comment on articles?

Yes! You can leave a comment on any article. All comments must be approved by the adviser. Comments must be applicable to the article and school appropriate. If you are a student or staff member, please use your school e-mail address to avoid having your comment sent to the spam folder.

Do you allow advertisements?

If you are interested in advertising on the school newspaper website, please contact the adviser. We will send you a list of options for your advertisement and prices. All proceeds for advertisements go toward the Journalism fund, which is used to provide scholarships to seniors, buying new equipment, and other costs for the newspaper. See the advertisements page for more details.

Have a question not covered here? Send a letter to the editor!

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